Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo was born on November 12, 1979 in Santiago, Chile, under the name of Maria Jose de Pablo Fernandez. She gained tremendous popularity from the character of “Zeva David” she played on hit detective series “NCIS” on CBS.

When she was 10 years old, her mother got a job in Miami, Florida, in Spanish television as the presenter and entertainer, so as a child she went to live in the American city, where she attended Arvida Middle School, studied musical theater at the New World School of the Arts and later graduated from the Mellon University, where she participated in several works such as “the House of Bernarda Alba”, “Indiscretions” and “The Fantasticks”, among others. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2000 with a degree in Musical Theater.

Career as an Actress

Debuted before the cameras in 2000 with a small role in the series “The $treet” which was followed by another on “The Education of Max Bickford” and The Jury, always in Latin papers.

In 2004 she had a regular role as Marguerite Cisneros in “The Jury” and the following year landed the role that gave her most recognition in her career so far, Zeva David in the CBS drama “NCIS” which is playing currently. In 2010 she was seen in the movie “The Last Rites of Ransom Pride”.

Her television credits includes the U.S. series “The $treet”, “Fling” and “The Education of Max Bickford”. She also played as a host of the TV interviews in Spanish for “Control”, with Carlos Ponce.

Her film career began in 2010 with the film “The Last Rites of Ransom Pride” with Kris Kristofferson and Jason Priestley, and her idea is to continue linked to cinema. She dreams to work with Pedro Almodovar, Alfonso Cuaron and Chilean Andres Wood.

Cote has also ventured into the world of music, and put her voice to perform the song “Temptation” from the album “NCIS”: The Official TV Soundtrack” in 2011 won an Alma Award for best actress in Drama, for her role in NCIS.

Television History

  • Appeared on a show named Control as a co-host
  • The $treet (1 episode, “Hostile Makeover”, 2000) – Fiona.
  • The Education of Max Bickford (1 episode, “Do It Yourself”, 2001) – Gina.
  • TOCA Race Driver (2002) (video game) – Melanie Sanchez (voice).
  • The Jury (10 episodes, 2004) – Marguerite Cisneros.
  • NCIS (133 episodes, 2005-present) – Zeva David.
  • The Last Rites of Ransom Pride (2010) – Bruja

Personal Life

Her mother’s name is Maria Olga Fernandez and her father is Francisco de Pablo who stays in Chile. She has one sister named Andrea and brother Francisco. She is currently in a relationship with her fellow actor – Diego Serrano, who is an Ecuadorian born.

Awards and Nominations

  • Winner an Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actress in Television for NCIS (2006)
  • Nominated for an Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actress in Television for NCIS (2008)
  • Nominated for an ALMA Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Television Series for NCIS (2008)
  • Nominated for an ALMA Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Television Series for NCIS (2009)
  • Nominated for an Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actress in Television for NCIS (2009)
  • Nominated for an Imagen Award for Best Actress in Television for NCIS (2011)
  • Winner of an ALMA Award for Favorite Television Actress – For a Leading Role in a Drama NCIS (2011)

Career Highlights

  • Cote de Pablo’s Non-acting careers: Singer in Roberto Pitre’s “Vivo En Vida”- sings “Samba In Prelude” and “Cry Me a River”.
  • Top movies: The Last Rites of Ransom Pride
  • Top TV shows: NCIS
  • Cote de Pablo on Stage: “The Mambo Kings”
  • Cote de Pablo’s big break: Her role on NCIS
  • Cote de Pablo is best known for: Her role as Zeva David on NCIS.


Cote de Pablo Little Known Facts

  • While at Carnegie Mellon, Cote appeared in several theater productions, including “Indiscretions”, “The Fantasticks”, “The House of Bernarda Alba”, “And The World Goes ‘Round”, “A Little Night Music” and “Cloud Techtonics”.
  • Cote caught her earring on a pillowcase when she was a child. As a result of the accident she has been left with a slit in her left earlobe.
  • Her first television role was hosted in 1994 show “Control”, alongside Entertainment Tonight host Carlos Ponce.
  • Cote is a common nickname for Maria José in Hispanic countries.

Memorable Quotes of Cote de Pablo

“I think everything has its downside, but I can honestly say that I see my glass half full. My mind could stay in the fact that I cannot go to my country or I can make a movie, but look what I have and it is glorious. Certainly, I cannot wait for other things appear, explore other parts of me as an actress, but I feel very blessed these past eight years”

“I am a very lively person and I like to gesticulate a lot when I talk and Zeva is the opposite. Since the acting, the inability to express emotions is very difficult and remains a challenge. I come from the theater, where we express things physically and your face should say a lot. Here, the character is very close, is a woman who suppresses his emotions to be practical and able to do the job”

“Always been an adventurous and always liked to say that I succeeded in this country and I did it for myself. Without trying to sound like a cliché, I feel I am the personification of the American dream. Nobody opened a door, no one gave me anything and for that I am immensely proud”


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